Restaurant Seating Considerations

Restaurant seating is important for a number of reasons; it is where guests sit and therefore it impacts their experience, it plays into the aesthetic of your restaurant and impacts the size and layout of your restaurant. There are a number of types of seats that restaurants use, both traditional and more modern;

  • Booth
  • Stools
  • Seats
  • Highback Chairs
  • Beanbag chairs
  • Benches

The seating you choose is impacted by:

  • Size of your space; smaller restaurants require more strategic seating to maximise business and occupancy while still allowing room for foot traffic and comfortable space between guests. Bigger restaurants may require more impactful seating and statement pieces, as smaller seats could make space seem cold.
  • Restaurant Design; If your restaurant is fine dining, place big, comfy chairs with an elegant feel. If you have a diner, booths with a retro feel might be better suited. If you have a more modern restaurant, consider metal stools with an industrial, modern feel.
  • Budget; Your budget impacts the seating you are able to get. Make sure not to sacrifice comfort. It is important to ensure that your seating is both comfortable and visually appealing.
  • Composition; Some materials are very difficult to clean and therefore may not be best for a BBQ restaurant, for example.
  • Waiting area; make sure not to overlook your waiting area. Seating for guests waiting for a table can be very important and can create a great first impression for guests as they walk in.

Seating is important to any space. Consider all of your options before purchasing seating and perhaps consider a mix of various seating types to appeal to guests and to create the best use of your space in the most visually appealing fashion. You can even have your seating custom made if you have a particular color scheme, fabric or look in mind.

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