Restaurant Design Problems

There are many thing one has to consider when designing and/or remodeling their restaurant. The job involves everything from table tops to seating, to paint and colors; all the way down to the smallest of details. The task takes time, money, and a team of dedicated and knowledgeable people. With so much to consider, there are many potential issues or problems that one may run into. Some common issues that restaurant owners, designers, and others involved in a remodel, include:

  • Table placement; though the seating chart may look great on paper, it is important to remember there are some places that guests may not want to sit. This includes sitting by the bathroom, the door and the kitchen. In addition, make sure you consider capacity, and the path that your servers and staff will take in order to walk freely and deliver food and drinks. To help create a guest friendly seating plan, you can look into dividers, plants or other blocking or seclusion mechanisms.
  • Host stand; the host stand should be visible from the minute guests walk in. Though it may be design and space friendly to put it to the side, or to not have one at all, make sure you consider the fact that the host or hostess should be visible upon guest entry so that guests are properly greeted, and do not roam in and seat themselves.
  • Washrooms; Make sure the washrooms are in a spot that makes sense, and that you won’t have people wandering into the kitchen or having to walk down a lot of stairs. Washrooms should also be wheelchair friendly, and equipped for all types of people and guests.
  • Coat Hangers; A place to hang, store or put coats away is important for guests’ comfort and satisfaction. Consider putting hooks throughout the restaurant, or perhaps investing in adding a coat closet or room. This may seem trivial, but it will help improve guest experience.

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