Before You Remodel Your Restaurant; Consider Your Own Bias

When you decide to open, design and/or remodel a restaurant, you have a vision and you are committed to bringing it to life. Whether it is a steakhouse or a café, you have details and concepts in mind for your restaurant’s revamp. These concepts are a great starting point but you should keep an open mind and ear and try and avoid getting trapped in a tunnel vision.

If you feel your street needs an upscale steakhouse, you may feel the need to fill that void. If you feel that your existing restaurant would do better if it had all bench seats and a western theme in terms of décor, you can also execute that plan. When doing so, make sure that you consider factors beyond your opinion and bias. Though you may see your restaurant’s changes as necessary, it may not be in line with trends, or what your audience or customers want.

Market research is a key part of any restaurant remodel, creation or design, make sure you know how your target audience, as well as the general public, feel about your ideas and concept. Create focus groups, include diverse stakeholders from the community, namely those that you will be catering to. Focus groups offer honest and real-time insight. In addition, watch competitors and see how they are doing. There is also an abundance of resources available through market information and reports done by organisations as well as the government to help you understand the facts and figures about the restaurant you are trying to open, start or remodel.

The moral of the story is that it is important to remember that your opinion is just that, an opinion and that fact always prevails. Make sure to set yourself up for success by enhancing your opinion with facts, figures and solid and concrete research.

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