Designing a Modern Restaurant

Designing and creating a modern or contemporary restaurant, involves a lot of conceptualizing and attention to detail. There are considerations from A to Z, from start to finish. Here are some of the things to consider if you are hoping to give your restaurant a more modern, contemporary feel:

The Exterior

Whether you are scoping out locations for your new restaurant, or giving your existing restaurant a modern face lift, make sure not to overlook and/or underestimate the power and importance of the exterior of your restaurant. The exterior does not necessarily need to match the interior, but it certainly should compliment it. Interesting architecture, clean lines, interesting signs and plants, are all ways to enhance the look and feel of your restaurant exterior. Consider a white washed building with a pop of colour in the form of a plant, bush or tree. Alternatively, a simple sign with clean letters and a fun saying might catch customers’ eyes as well.

First Impressions

The entry way is where guests get their formal first impression of your restaurant. If you are looking to provide them modern comfort, make sure to make your entry way warm, open and visually appealing. Lighting is important, make sure that it matches the overall ambiance of the dining room, but also ensure there is adequate light for guests to see menus, each other, and other elements of the restaurant. Plants, a host desk and other décor, can keep guests eyes and minds busy while they wait or as they walk in.

Dining Area

No detail should be spared or overlooked in a modern restaurant. Modern restaurants can be all white with clean contrasts, or darker with a more subdued feel. Light fixtures should be modern In style and placement, the art on the walls could be geometric, simple or abstract. The seating should be both comfortable and modern.

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